University of Vienna



Priv.Doz. Mag. Dr. Peter C. Ramsl

PI of the project. Univ. Assistant for Iron Age at the University of Vienna, archaeologist with many years of experience in managing national and international projects, specialist at the La Tène period in Austria and Middle Europe (FWF P12531-SPR; P15977-G02; P23517-G19; APART/ÖAW - 10/2001; SASPRO/Marie Curie 1340/03/03) with main research focus on Iron Age in Central Europe, migration and mobility, gender roles, war and violence.  Next to it lecturer at the Universities of Brno, Nitra, Innsbruck and Olomouc.


Mgr. Patrik Urban

Doctor student of Archaeology (Brno, Masaryk University) with main focus Iron Age in Central Europe. Specialized on La Tène cemeteries in Moravia with focus on burial customs and spatial, as well as statistical analysis of graves.

Support of coordination, admission of material in Austria and Italy, analyses of the material (typological/chronological) and analysis of costume groups; GIS applications.


Leona Kohl BA

Student in Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology at the Uni Vienna, Bac. thesis of a Latène period grave of a rich equipped woman. 

Support of organisation, preparation of material and publication, graphic design and webpage.



Mag.a Friederike Novotny

Magister in Physical Anthropology in Vienna, has extensive experience in analysing Bronze and Iron Age human skeletons as well as the connections between different cemeteries. A major focus of her research is on traumatology and pathology of human skeletons.


Michaela Spannagl-Steiner

Senior researcher in Physical Anthropology in Vienna. A major focus of her research are paleopathological analyses for reconstructing the health status of historical and prehistoric populations and development of recording and scoring systems for anatomical-morphological features.





Mag.a Maria Mayrhofer

Christoph Blätterbinder, BA



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